Ultimate Hunting Trophy

Ultimate  Hunting Guests have to disposal additional service like professional trophy preparation. Together with Mr Tomasz Sokołowski we are helping to extend good memories from hunting ground by   delivering world class trophy made. The studio specializes in large exhibits, taking care of every detail of it’s work. Finally to give a new life to the game. 2nd and 3rd place on World Championship in Salzburg can be one of the prove for the quality of our work. Ultimate Hunting taking care about whole path and travel arrangements. Starting form fist base preparation through transport from the hunting ground to the taxidermist work place. We are preparing whole certificates, vet permits as well as final transport to the clients house. Ultimate Hunting trophies prepared by Tomasz Sokołowski are already in all Scandinavian Countries like Denmark, Norway and Finland. We had a pleasure to prepare and deliver trophies to united States and Canada.