Individual red stag hunting

European Red Deer – In Poland we can find couple of local variety of

individual red stag hunting - Ultimate Hunting
individual red stag hunting – Ultimate Hunting

red deers like carpatian red deer or masurien.  With a great food base and natural conditions for red deers, their population in Poland increasing . That is why we are able to increase our shooting plans as well. Moreover Polish Hunting Association  launched a special program with rules of selection which aims to improve the quality of trophies – and it is certainly stag hunts in poland
Ultimate Hunting clients have to their disposal hunting areas where there is a possibility to shoot a record trophies . Top selected areas are located nearly all the way through west part of Poland . Gold medal trophies reach 12-13kg. Hunting season start at the end of August,  the middle of September with rut time and ends in February.

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Red stag hunting in Poland